2019 is just around the corner, with most of us filling our minds with thoughts of festive feasts and new year’s treats! Shutdown is so close we can almost taste it, and we’re already looking toward 2019. While considering what 2019 might have in store for you and your company, take a few minutes to look at these construction industry resolutions to make come the new year:


  1. Get Qualified
    Need a 2019 New Years resolution? How about getting qualified as an accredited mobile elevated working platform (MEWP) operator? By law workers operating elevated working platforms are required to have recognised accredited qualifications, which can easily be obtained from Need-A-Tool! Our fully-equipped training centre is ready to get you qualified in 2019!

  2. Get Higher
    Forget farting around with ladders upon ladders in 2019! Make your life – and the lives of your workers – that much easier by taking advantage of access hire. From electrical-powered boom lifts to petrol-run trailer-mounted lifts, Need-A-Tool is able to hire out access equipment that will suit the scope of any project you undertake in 2019.

  3. Get Skilled
    Other than our accredited MEWP operator courses, Need-A-Tool also offers skills development workshops. These are aimed at people looking to improve their general construction and maintenance skillset, with practical hands-on workshops training participants on things like how to plumb a toilet, how to operate a drill correctly, how to setup and use a compactor, etc.

  4. Get Cleaning
    When last have you cleaned your equipment? We’re talking about REALLY cleaning your equipment! One way to seriously deep clean your tools and equipment, ensuring they’re ready to rock come 2019, is to hire a high-pressure washer and go to town! Need-A-Tool rents out a range of high-pressure cleaners in Durban.

  5. Get Connected
    The last New Year’s resolution we’re making for 2019 is to connect with construction industry leaders! This builds partnerships and helps when you require something in a hurry for a project or specific job. If you might be requiring tool and equipment rentals in Durban next year, connect with Need-A-Tool by checking out our website, reading our blog articles, and connecting with us on Facebook!