In a Need-A-Tool blog article titled Reasons to Rent a High Pressure Cleaner, we looked at six residential high-pressure cleaner uses. Since we hire out these remarkable cleaning machines on a regular basis, we thought we’d add five more surprising high-pressure washer uses! Can you think of any other uses we may have missed? Contact us today and we’ll add them to this article…

1/ Clean Out Your Braai

Whether you’re a wood fire or charcoal type of person, chances are your braai has seen its fair share of wear and tear. Many of us forget to clean our braai grids directly after cooking the meat – leaving burnt protein deposits that often sit for days or weeks before being cleaned. With a high-pressure washer you’re able to deep-clean your braai and grid like never before, leaving it looking almost as good as new!

Tip: Douse your braai and grid with dishwashing liquid and leave it to sit for a few minutes before spraying down with a high-pressure washer.

2/ Remove Spider Webs

We might be quick to take a duster to spider webs we find in our homes, but how often do you get rid of those spider webs under your house’s awnings? Add ‘getting rid of spider webs’ to your list of things to do with your high-pressure washer rental this weekend, and leave your roof looking less like Halloween and more like it’s about to go on show!

Tip: Only do this to outdoor spider webs, and be kind to your spiders by making sure they aren’t home when spraying their webs away.

3/ Clean Outdoor Furniture

Another surprising use of a high-pressure cleaner is to clean outdoor furniture, however the type of furniture will determine the way in which you clean it. For example, plastic and composite outdoor furniture can be cleaned with little concern. However, wooden outdoor furniture – especially if it hasn’t been varnished in a while – should be cleaned with caution.

Tip: Remove all seating and scatter cushions before spraying down your outdoor furniture, and avoid getting too close with the nozzle to prevent chipping away paint coatings.

4/ Wash Your Rubbish Bins

Can you smell that? It’s probably your stinky dustbin! Let’s face it, the only thing we want to do when removing a full rubbish bag is to replace it with a fresh one. However, down in the dark depths of your bin, breed all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful germs and bacteria that cause foul odours. Prevent the stink by thoroughly cleansing your dustbins once a month with a high-pressure washer.

Tip: Pour a few caps of disinfectant liquid into your dustbins before spraying them out with high-pressure washers. This will remove any lingering stench.

5/ Recover Hard-to-Reach Items

We bet you’ve never thought of this high-pressure cleaner use! Sick and tired of having to climb your trees every time a ball gets stuck in the high branches? If you’ve got a high-pressure washer handy, you’re sorted! Simply attach the hose, switch it on, aim for the ball and pull the trigger. This technique is equally effective when things get stuck on the roof!

Tip: Be sure to check for bird nests and other living things before attempting to dislodge your item from a tree branch with the high-pressure cleaner.