Just how clean is your home’s roof? Have your driveway paving stones always been that dark? Exposure to the elements can cause dirt, mould and moss to gather on exterior surfaces – leaving them looking shabby and neglected. The main reason to rent a high pressure cleaner? It’s cheaper than buying new! Now that we know why you should hire a high pressure washer, here’s what you can achieve with one:

Why Should You Rent a High Pressure Cleaner?

Perimeter Walls.

The road-facing walls of your property give off it’s first impression to visitors. For this reason, keeping them looking spick and span is a great idea! Rent a high pressure cleaner for the day and spray down your perimeter walls (both on the road-facing and inward-facing sides). This will remove any mildew and dirt – leaving your perimeter walls looking freshly-painted and easy on the eyes!


Hiring a high pressure washer is probably the best thing you could ever do for your driveway. Whether your driveway is made up of many paving stones, concrete or tar – dirt and grime collects in the small gaps and crevaces over time. A high pressure cleaner will get into those nooks, uplifting the caked dirt and rejuvenating your driveway.

Exterior Walls.

The walls of your house can be thoroughly cleansed with a high pressure cleaner, but keep in mind the type of paint that has been applied to them. You could end up blasting the paint off along with the dirt, so consider setting the cleaner to a lower pressure to avoid damage. Think about cleaning your home’s walls on a sunny day and first thing in the morning, to give them enough time to dry properly.

The Roof.

To clean your home’s roof properly, rent a high pressure cleaner along with a ladder. Roof tiles are usually the first to gather mould and moss, but these are no match for the power of a high pressure washer! Be sure to wear shoes with good grip when on your roof, and while you’re up there – spray your gutters to get rid of any twigs and leaves that might be clogging your down pipes.

Swimming Pool.

During the colder seasons, when swimming pools lay unused for months at a time, algae collects along the pool’s side walls both below and above the water’s surface. While your pool’s krawly handles the dirt and algae underwater, you can use a high pressure cleaner to get rid of dirt and algae between the water surface and the edge of pool. Just don’t accidentally drop the cleaner into the water!


Another golden reason to rent a high pressure cleaner? To clean all of the hard-to-reach nooks and cranny’s in your vehicles! Certain high pressure washers can be used to clean vehicle engines, but often require special engine cleaning detergents too. Regular pressured cleaners can be used to get rid of caked-on mud inside wheel arches, on bumpers and on wheel rims.

Rent a High Pressure Cleaner in Durban

Looking to spend this weekend tackling the built-up dirt and grime around your property? Put on your painting clothes, dig your Crocs out from the bottom of your cupboard, and rent a high pressure cleaner for the occasion! Connect with Need-A-Tool and find out more about hiring a high pressure washer in Durban today.