Like any industry, construction is constantly evolving. The equipment is getting better; the tools sharper. As an industry changes, so too should the workers within that industry look to evolve and improve their own skills. A highly-skilled worker is a highly-effective one, and there are many avenues for improvement available to the industry. With that in mind, this blog article looks at four ways to upskill workers in the construction industry…

Accredited Industry Courses

The first avenue to upskill workers is to seek out industry-accredited training centres offering in-depth courses on the tools and equipment your workers use on a regular basis. Proper training on construction equipment prevents injuries to operators and surrounding workers, and ensures that machine operators know how to care for the equipment they’re using.

Need-A-Tool has an on-site training centre offering training on, among other things, mobile elevated working platforms. We’re the only KZN operator training centre with accreditation by both SSETA and TETA. We’re also accredited by IWAH, DOL and DOE. This means that our MEWP operator training courses are relevant and effective in the South African construction industry.

Trade Shows & Launches

When it comes to learning about new construction machinery and tools, there’s no better place to do so than at industry trade shows and product launches. Too often only the owners of companies will attend these trade shows, then taking what they’ve learnt back to their workers for dissemination. However, this isn’t the most effective way to go about educating workers on new tools.

Instead, consider sending your workers to these trade shows and launches. This way, the people that actually operate your machinery are exposed to new trends in the industry and new ways of operating equipment. This gives them a chance to get hands-on with equipment, and ask any questions they might have about their craft.

Skill Development Workshops

Upskill workers in the construction industry with skills development workshops. They might not be accredited by any regulatory body, but they don’t have to be. These workshops offer practical equipment operating guidelines, lead by trainers who work with the tools and machines on a daily basis. This way, workers can gain invaluable, practical insights from industry professionals.

Need-A-Tool will be running regular skills development workshops from our on-site training centre throughout 2019, with a focus on upskilling workers in the construction industry – regardless of where they fall on the corporate ladder. These workshops will be held in a relaxed, hands-on environment. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements!

Educational Online Materials

Another easy way to facilitate the upskilling of your workers is to encourage digital learning. There are countless online educational platforms they can access directly from their smart phones. One of these is the Oxford Home Study Centre that offers online short courses in construction. Another online training medium is Construct-Ed, where workers can upskill in fields that include foreman leadership, basic accounting for contractors, and how to establish elevations.

To keep your workers abreast of new construction machines and tools that are entering the industry, ask them to subscribe to construction industry thought leaders and world-renowned brands. Informative construction channels to follow on YouTube include CNC Machines, VTA Construction Tips, and brands like DeWalt, Hilti and JLG.