Lifting equipment is widely used in the construction industry, when workers need a little boost to get to hard-to-reach areas on interest. These access-improving machines come in a range of different shapes and sizes, as well as options when it comes to how they’re powered. This Need-A-Tool blog article takes a look at three different types of lifting equipment available in Durban. Need to get your workers high? Here’s how…

Scissor Lifts

Need-A-Tool: Lifting Equipment Available in Durban (scissor lift)

Scissor lifts are comprised of three main parts. These are the base, the mast, and the platform. Scissor lifts are made for lifting workers up to three stories high in order to access challenging areas on a construction or maintenance site.

These lifting machines are extensively used in manufacturing and warehousing plants, shopping malls, hospitals, entertainment venues, and more. Since they can be wheeled nice and close to the side of a building, scissor lifts are often used to clean hard-to-reach windows, remove bees and other pests from roof awnings, cleaning of exterior walls, and even working on overhead telephone lines.

Scissor lifts can be battery-powered, electric-powered, and diesel-powered – depending on your preferences. The benefits of going with a battery or electric-powered scissor lift is that they release zero emissions, are practically noiseless, and don’t require the purchase of any fuel.

Boom Lifts

Need-A-Tool: Lifting Equipment Available in Durban (boom lift)

There are two main types of boom lifts used in the industry. These are straight boom lifts and articulating boom lifts. These lifting machines are also made up of the same main parts as the scissor lifts (base, mast and platform), but instead of a scissor-style mast that raises the working platform directly upwards – the boom lift’s mast can be oscillated and extended both vertically and at angles.

Boom lifts can be used to access working areas from other nearby areas, like positioning a boom lift in a neighbouring lot and extending the mast over a wall or access-preventing shrubbery. Straight booms allow working heights of between 9m and 20m, while articulating boom lifts can reach heights of up to 20.12m. Boom lifts can be battery, diesel and electric-operated – with zero emissions and noiselessness being benefits of choosing battery or electric-powered versions.

Trailer-Mounted Lifts

Need-A-Tool: Lifting Equipment Available in Durban (trailer-mounted lifts)

As the name suggests, trailer-mounted lifting equipment is any access machine that is mounted to a trailer that can be hooked up and transported to site using any vehicle that has a tow hitch. The most popular trailer mounted lifting machines are boom lifts, and are designed to fold into themselves for easy transport.

Our Need-A-Tool trailer-mounted lifts are all electrically-powered, which means they release no carbon dioxide, are quieter than engine-powered lifts, and can operate as long as there is electricity available on site. These rental trailer-mounted lifts have maximum working heights of between 12.36m and 17.10m – and have carrying capacities of between 200kg and 227kg.

Rent Lifting Equipment in Durban

Need-A-Tool specialises in the hiring out of JLG, Genie, and Nifty lifting equipment in KwaZulu-Natal. We rent out scissor lifts, boom lifts and trailer-mounted lifts for working at height purposes. Contact our Need-A-Tool headquarters based in New Germany, Durban, to arrange a lifting equipment rental today!