It’s an age-old landscaping conundrum many property owners and renters have struggled with. Does one hire a garden services provider to mow the lawn and trim the hedges, or does one rent garden equipment and do it all yourself? Ready your green thumbs – this article looks at when it’s a good idea to hire garden equipment, the types of available garden equipment rentals in Durban, and where to rent gardening tools today…

When You Should Rent Garden Equipment

In a hurry? No problem, we’ve summarised the article for you! You should consider garden equipment rental if:

  • You don’t own any garden equipment
  • You’re not a fan of landscaping services
  • Your garden looks like a forest in the making
  • You’re a DIY type of guy or gal

You Don’t Own Gardening Equipment

The first and most obvious reason you should consider renting garden equipment for your next landscaping escapade is if you don’t actually own any gardening equipment.

Lawnmowers, weed-eaters, augers and hedge trimmers are costly items of machinery. Most new home owners don’t place garden equipment high on their ‘things to buy’ list, but this doesn’t mean the grass stops growing.

For this reason, should you not have your own garden equipment just yet, consider renting them instead! This allows you to keep your garden in check – cost-effectively – until such a time that you own your own garden equipment.

You Don’t Want to Use a Landscaper

Landscaping is a bit like hairdressing in a way. You’ll always have business because grass never stops growing – unless it’s fake grass, of course.

For this reason, more and more landscapers are entering the industry, offering everything from grass cutting and hedge trimming, to driveway paving and garden planning.

While hiring a garden services provider is the most convenient way to look after your property’s gardening needs, having a bunch of strangers there when you’re not might not be your cup of tea. The solution? Rent your gardening tools and do it yourself!

Your Garden is Getting Out of Hand

When last did you take a look at your yard? We mean, REALLY look at your yard?

When left to their own devices, weeds are able to wreak havoc on your property’s structure – often causing damage that costs a small fortune to rectify.

If your grass is encroaching knee height, and you can’t tell if your shrubs and bushes are planted in your yard or your neighbour’s, it might be time to take back control of your forest in the making with a day of serious gardening using rental garden equipment!

You Always Try to DIY Before Calling Anyone

If you’re a DIY type of guy or gal, and you prefer to try something yourself before asking for help, you’ll want to consider hiring garden equipment when next tackling your property’s landscaping.

Not only are you able to rent essential garden tools and equipment from rental specialists, but some of them – Need a Tool included – will provide basic training on how to operate the garden equipment you require!

Types of Garden Equipment You Can Rent

While the available garden equipment rentals will differ from provider to provider, here are the garden tools we’re able to offer those looking to rent garden equipment in Durban:

  • Hand Augers
  • Petrol Augers
  • Axes
  • Leaf Blowers
  • Brush Cutters
  • Chain Saws
  • Garden Rollers
  • High-Pressure Washers
  • Safety equipment for operating the above gardening tools

How to Rent Garden Equipment in Durban

Looking to sort out your own gardening this weekend? If you’re in Durban, you can find all of the above gardening tools at Need a Tool! Connect with us today to find out more about our cost-effective garden equipment rentals.