If operator safety training is not already part of your policy, it is a good time to start thinking about how you can train your teams to stay safer on the job. Here at Need-a-Tool, we understand the massive pressures that come with undertaking large-scale projects. Budgets, tight deadlines, and various other factors can make training seem like a wasted effort. Without operator safety training, or with only the most basic of training, it is all too easy for mistakes and accidents to happen, however.


Essential Operator Safety Training Guidelines

Operator safety training is never something that can be ignored. Whatever tools you are hiring and whatever the project you and your team are undertaking, there are a few simple guidelines that can help to avoid the risk of workplace accidents and injury and other disasters. Here are the most important guidelines to keep in mind.


Keep proper machine guarding on all machines.

All machines are fitted with safety mechanisms that are designed to prevent accidents. During training, all operators must be reminded to keep machine guarding at all times. This feature protects operators against risks that range from flying chips and sparks all the way to rotating parts. Whether they take the form of barrier guards, two-handed operating devices or light curtains, these features are there to protect against the common dangers associated with heavy machinery. When they are ignored or not used properly, or poor quality machines that do not have such guards are used, accidents are far more likely to happen.


Always wear required safety equipment.

Another basic training rule is wearing the proper equipment for the job at hand. This cannot ever be ignored or negotiated. Even if operators are not using the tools and are standing near heavy duty tools, safety equipment such as goggles, protective clothing, gloves, work boots, hard hats, and other equipment are essential. This equipment ensures that no flying debris can hit workers or those standing by, helping to reduce workplace injury and even prevent fatalities.


Stay clear of moving or operating machinery.

Yet another training basic is to never interfere with any tool that is being used. The tools we rent here at Need-a-Tool are not made for inexperienced home users. They are made to drill through concrete and other materials. Operating such machinery requires great focus that cannot be broken by anyone getting in the way. At the same time, getting too close can pose a risk to those getting too close, with clothing or limbs being caught by blades or grinders.


Avoid machinery that is unfamiliar.

This may sound obvious, but many work teams feel that they can use tools if they have used something similar before. Unless your operator has had experience using the specific tool that is being hired, it is extremely dangerous to attempt usage. Tool training should be provided for all operators according to the tools they will be using and the role they will be taking within the job.

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