Used in a wide range of construction projects, from roadworks all the way to sporting fields and pitches, pavements, block paving, driveways, and numerous other construction projects, earth rollers help to smooth surfaces in a way that is uniform and precise. Rollers are varied in size, capacity and design, with walk-behind and sit on rollers being the most frequently used rollers. Sizes include light rollers that are used for smaller projects, mid-sized rollers for a versatile range of projects and heavy-duty rollers that are best suited to heavy roadwork and asphalting projects. These versatile, powerful tools are available to hire on a daily basis, allowing you to access the tool you need for the duration of your project. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of earth rollers and how they are used.

Common Earth Rollers & Where They Are Used

With a number of earth rollers available for hire, choosing the right roller will depend on the type of project you are planning. In some cases, a simple light roller will work, while for other projects, a heavy-duty sit on roller would be more effective. To be sure that you get the best results throughout your project, it is important to choose the right roller for the job at hand. Here are some of the rollers that are currently available for hire at Need-A-Tool.

  • Bomag 35 Roller. This light all-rounder is used for block paving, earthworks and asphalt. Its unique paving plate allows contractors to achieve excellent results in surface coverage, handling and quality.
  • Bomag 61 Roller. This roller is a vibrating pedestrian walk-behind roller. It is the ideal tool for paving, tar compaction, cricket pitches, and various other surfaces.
  • Bomag 65 Roller. This walk-behind roller is an excellent tool to use for a range of projects, including construction backfill, shoulderwork, trenchwork, and asphalt repair.
  • Bomag 76 Roller. This roller is a heavy-duty double vibratory roller used for asphalt construction and earthworks. Its high compaction provides excellent surface coverage.
  • Bomag 90 Roller. This type of sit on roller is used for asphalt repair and maintenance. It is ideal for sub-base preparation, parking areas, paths, driveways, and other paving projects.
  • Garden Roller. This roller is used for garden projects, helping to establish new lawns or other grassed areas. Before grass is placed, the roller is used to level soil.
  • Dynapak Sit On Roller. This type of roller is best suited to small-scale compaction work including pavements, cycle paths, small roads, and small parking areas.
  • 2.5 Ton Sit On Wacker Roller. This heavy-duty, compact and manoeuvrable single drum roller is ideal for inner-city jobs, landscaping, civil engineering or highway construction.

Along with a wide range of rollers for various projects, Need-A-Tool also offers welding equipment that can be used for stainless steel welding. We are a leading supplier of top quality stainless steel welders in KZN. Contact us today to learn more about our welders or to get more information on our selection of earth rollers to rent in Durban and surrounds.