1. Procuring access equipment through a rental is much cheaper than buying new
  2. There are zero maintenance costs attached when renting access equipment
  3. A tool and access equipment rental company gives sound industry advice
  4. By renting your access equipment, scaling up and down per project is easier
  5. Access hire rental companies can deliver the equipment directly to your site

What is Access Equipment?

Access equipment, or aerial work platforms, are pieces of construction equipment used to access hard-to-reach areas on a construction site. So, instead of setting up permanent scaffolding to reach high points – a project manager can choose to make use of items such as scissor lifts and boom lifts instead. These mechanical tools are designed to lift workers and materials high above the ground, literally with the flip of a switch.

Why Access Equipment Hire Makes Sense

Here are the five main benefits of renting access equipment for your next industrial project:

Short on time? Here are the five reasons why access equipment hire makes sense:

Reduced Procurement Investment

It’s no secret that access equipment makes life a heck of a lot easier on-site, but what are the costs involved? If you’re looking to buy new and invest in your own access equipment, you can expect to pay astronomical prices for mechanical scissor lifts and the like. Hiring access equipment comes in at a fraction of the cost, making a rental the smarter financial move.

Maintenance Isn’t Your Problem

Since many construction access solutions are mechanical in nature, they require regular servicing and maintenance. This keeps them functioning optimally, and ensures your workers are safe when suspended above the ground. When hiring access equipment, the maintenance onus falls completely on the rental company.

Proper Product-Specific Education

Since a construction equipment rental company has a vested interest in you looking after their rental equipment, most of them should give you and your workers pointers on how to properly operate the various tools and equipment. So, if you’ve never used a scissor lift, don’t shy away from renting one – empower yourself and your workers with sound industry knowledge from a rental company!

Facilitation of Easier Scalability

Buying new access equipment is a great long-term investment, but what happens when you land a project that requires more access equipment than you have? You could go out and buy more, or you could do the smart thing and rent access equipment instead. By partnering with an equipment rentals company, you can scale your operational capability up or down at any given time.

Reduced Equipment Delivery Pains

What does it cost you to transport your construction access equipment to and from every project you undertake? It’s not just the petrol – what about the vehicular wear and tear associated with moving heavy equipment around? Reduce your access equipment transport costs substantially by asking your tool and equipment rental company to deliver your access equipment instead!