Workers in the construction, property development, landscaping and maintenance rely on a number of specialist tools and items of equipment to perform their jobs properly. Managers have three options when it comes to sourcing the right tools for the project – buying new equipment, loaning equipment, or renting. This article looks at what machine rentals are, the types of machine rentals available, and a few benefits of renting equipment for your next project:

The Lowdown on Machine Rentals in South Africa

What is a Machine Rental?

Machine rentals, or equipment hire, is the process of renting tools and equipment for defined amounts of time at rates much cheaper than buying brand new.

Since service providers often undertake once-off projects that don’t form part of their ‘bread and butter’ service offering, it makes sense to rent equipment for this purpose instead of investing in machinery they might only use once or twice a year.

How the Rental Process Works.

Different tool hire outlets will have their own steps and procedures in the machine rental process. Since we’re a leading equipment rental supplier in South Africa, and strive to make machine rentals as convenient as possible, here’s the Need a Tool equipment hire process:

  1. You call in to request a specific machine or set of tools you’d like to hire,
  2. Availability of required machines and tools is checked on the system,
  3. Companies renting machines to submit the renter’s identification document as well as a letterhead,
  4. Private individuals renting machines to submit the renter’s identification document and proof of South African residence,
  5. First-time customers might be asked to pay a deposit on machines hired. Subsequent hires will not require a deposit,
  6. Machine rentals are charged per day that the machine is in the renter’s possession.

Types of Equipment Hire Available.

From hand tools and the spares they require, like drill bits and grinding disks, to cherrypickers and Bobcats, your machine rental provider should be able to offer you the right tools for the job – regardless of the job’s machine and tool requirements.

As far as our Need a Tool machine rentals go, this tool hire blog article lists most of the equipment and machine rentals we are able to offer in South Africa. These include the following broad tool categories:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Garden Equipment
  • Plumbing Equipment
  • Woodworking Equipment
  • Access Equipment
  • Spares & Consumables

Benefits of Renting Machines.

In our blog article titled 7 Reasons Tool and Equipment Hire is a Smart Move, we looked at a few serious benefits of renting machines and tools versus buying brand new. To read the full article, click on the link above. In a rush? Here’s a summary:

  1. Renting tools is WAY cheaper than buying new or used
  2. You don’t have to worry about the routine maintenance
  3. Machine rentals means you get to some of the best tools available
  4. Transport costs are reduced when renting equipment
  5. Tool and machine rentals facilitate business growth
  6. You don’t have to worry about long-term storage
  7. Your chosen machine rental agent has valuable industry insights

Convenient Machine Rentals in South Africa

Need A Tool has over 45 years of tool and machine rental experience, having supplied quality equipment rentals to clients all over Southern Africa. While we offer machine rentals as well as new equipment sales, we also offer training on the safe operation of equipment – through our Need A Tool training centre. Connect with us today to find out more about our machine rentals in South Africa!